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Treeless Saddles
Why Treeless - Which advantages do have this saddles?
Treeless saddles are fast becoming the 'natural' way to go for horse and rider. These saddles are soft and supple and completely manufactured in
- Cowhide Leather
- Suede Leather
- Nubuk Leather
with rubber padding without using any kind of hardware. It moulds to the shape of your horse automaticaly. Having Treeless properties it allow the horse to step out with a full and easy stride.

Treeless saddle allows the rider to always move in harmony with the horse's natural gait. This
Saddle allows for balance and freedom of movement for both horse and rider.

A saddle without tree have many advantages:
- Fits perfect the most horses, doesnīt matter if it is a narrow arabian horse or a wide drafthorse.
- Needs no adaption from an expert,this saddle always fits.
- The horse will not be limitated in his movements. There is no fixed tree, the horse could move freely.
Our Model: PE 2201

- It is very light and weight only 3.5 kg.
- There couldnīt be any more pressure from the saddle.
- Very comfortable for the rider and a very close contact to the horse.

Our new : Model PE 2202
Our new invention Dressage Threeless Saddles. Fixed Under seat Panels

Created for all riders, wanting a stretched position, a long leg and a very safe,
deep and comfortable seat. With kneepads under the
Flap of the Saddle to fix the legs in the right position. Removable Pannel under the saddle
fit with velcro.

This saddle comes without any touching of the spines! The underside of this saddle is made with panels of Imported Rubber/Neoprene Sheet, who are giving the saddle the fit like an usual saddle with keeping tree!
The weight of our Dressage Treeless Saddle
is 5 Kgs.

Our Model: PE 2203
Dressage Treeless Saddle Removeable Underseat Panels with Velcro.

Coming Soon
- Western Treeless Saddles:
- Barok Treeless Saddle:
Pictures will be available shortly

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