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In the beginning about all companies were engaged in manufacturing bits with traditional
methods. Still most of the companies are manufacturing Bits under the same process.

Main Problems in Bits:

Following are the main problems in general types of bits
Low Casting Standard
Poor Polish
Fitting of the Mouth pieces at the Cheek Area and mouth Piece (Pinches the horse mouth.)

We try our best to make the bits as comfortable as we can so that it should work well
and prevent horse from any kind of injury. We make our bits like this.

In fact, we chose some different ways to manufacture the bits. Almost the fitting of
all bits is made at machine work so that the mouth pieces should be very smooth
and there should be no gap in between the joint areas to avoid all kinds of problem
which cause the horse mouth pain.

To improve the casting standard our "LOST WAX CASTING" unit is at its final stage, while currently, our sand casting unit is working to meet our requirements for Hardware Articles.

The best quality hand polish make our manufactured bits different from the Bits, manufactured by the other companies.

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