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Special feature Adjustable Bits are made of imported material 304 Stainless
Steel Rod. The complete manuacturing process is the machine work.

Following are the FAQ’s received from our customers.

What is Adjustable Bits?
Adjustable feature bit, is in fact, a mouth size fitting bit. Due to adjustable feature
the mouth sizes could be adjust as per your horse mouth sizes. Mostly we manufacture
adjustable bits which could be adjusted from mouth size 4 ½” to 5 ½”.

How it works?
To adjust the mouth size according your horse mouth size, you don’t need any kind of
tool to adjust the mouth size of this bit. Just a very smooth screw system inside the mouth piece will enable you to fit the mouth piece as per your horse mouth size.

Is it harmful for the horse mouth?
No, the adjustable feature bits are specially designed to prevent any kind of
horse mouth injury. The pinchless mouth fitting process make these bits free from any risk to harm the mouth of your horse.

Could Adjustable Feature put in all Types of Bits?
No.The adjustable feature could not be found in all types of bits, it is available in all kinds/types of Snaffle Bits.


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